Review : Tony Moly Pokemon Cleanser Foam Isanghessi

Picture taken from google

Pokemon Fever!

I have anticipated Pokemon Edition from Tony Moly since the first time they launched it. Finally, I got chance to buy one from four types of Pokemon cleanser. I choose Isanghesshi AKA Burbasour which most suitable for my skin which is oily types.

Product texture:
This cleanser has soft texture and it smell also pleasant. Although it stated that it has green tea as one of the ingredients but what I could smell alike fresh grass, not bad. The most important it doesn’t have strong smell.

This is my cleanser. as seen, I have almost finished it.

My Verdict:
Overall I don’t have problem with the product. It doesn’t reduce my face oiliness, could not remove blackhead or getting the pores smaller but at same time, it didn’t irritate my skin such as itchy or redness. It didn’t cause pimples for my face. This cleanser foam indeed doing its job really only to clean face and give temporary freshness on face.

For me this product is categorized as expensive for nothing. I won’t repurchase it. If not because Pokemon, I think, I won’t bother myself to try this product.

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