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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 412.2

Chapter 412

An enemy that must be revenged for

Part 2 (Two)

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She is panicking looked at Bing Ye’s pair of cold eyes, she nervously step backward.

In short time, Bing Ye’s hand stretched out, grabbed pinching her neck: “Luo Yao Yao, wife of Feng Chen Yi Second Young Master of Chinese number one Financial Group. She was went missing after flight together with Mr. Bartholomew.”

After she listened Bing Ye who spoke fluent Chinese when said out her background, Yao Yao knew, this cunning man has known everything, perhaps… since the beginning he has know everything!

Such scheming… man!

“You are lying to me!” Bing Ye put more strength at his hand which squeezing Yao Yao’s neck, the cold aura from body as if has turned the warm temperature of spring water into an ice at the moment touched Yao Yao.

“You, didn’t you… also… lie… to me?” Yao Yao painstaking tried to speak.

“En?” Bing Ye loosens slightly his hand.

“Huk, huk huk” Yao Yao painfully letting out rough breath, faster said: “You said that you have informed the Japanese Government to pick me, logically they should have arrived by now, but why until now they haven’t come, because you are not even informed Japanese Government, am I right?” since Bing Ye could clearly tell about her background, then it can be said that the Chinese government has been issuing out rescue message to Ya Si Lan country. Since the first time they met he must have absolutely known her!

“It indeed was true that I didn’t contact Japanese Government to pick you. Because I hate Chinese! Now…” He repeated: “Let me ask you for once again the first question I asked you when we met.”

“No need, I can and definitely with a certain to tell you that I born in China!” Yao Yao gave him a firm answer.

“Very good!” suddenly Bing Ye loosens his hand, turned his body and walked to the pond side, picking up his clothes: “Men!”

Listen to the sound group of men’s footstep coming over, Yao Yao didn’t care whether she is walking naked or not, faster she walked to the pond side and then wore her clothes.

“General!” at the moment when Yao Yao has done wearing her clothes, the soldiers have already arrived.

Bing Ye’s eyes dimmed, paid of his hand put at his back, coldly said: “Prison this woman, and then release the news of her death to all countries!”

Did Bing Ye do real? He has already known who she is, after all he still has heart to kill? “Bing Ye, what reason do you have to execute me? This is a serious matter!”

“Indeed, due to Feng Family status, moreover the status of Madam Feng and also Big Young Madam in Ya Si Lan country, if I do execute you there will be arouse little bit troublesome. But… you are just an attempt to murder my country, you are a secret agent, I… don’t know what is your surname, or name!”

Such poisonous trick! Could it be said that Bing Ye ‘to act first then report’? Pretending not to know who she is, after he kills then report it as mistake. As additional the influence of Ya Si Lan country, furthermore with his high status, even though China knew it they also could not do anything toward him!



32 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 412.2

  1. Hello 🙂 Thank you for your update and your hard work! I’m wondering how will she escape from this? Maybe some help from Lan Nuo? Some blood test? Take care of you and have a nice day! ^_^

      1. Ok! I remembered about YY having some blood tests proving she was coming from Ya si lan country so I was guessing that maybe… Will wait and see 😊

      2. Oh that time blood test was done by Hei Yan Long in order to find same blood type because she was trying to commit suicide. Hei Yan Long did suspect but then he not really think of it anymore.

  2. Azurro how many chapter again YY will remember her past?
    I always waiting when YY regain her memory!! And she’s can settle misunderstanding with YAT and can save from BY, thank you for your hard work and I love you so much for translate this story 😙😙😙😙

      1. Thanks azurro it’s make my heart calm down, I’m really impatient waiting for new chapter, but never mind, you have your own life, anytime your updated this story I will always thankful so fighting 😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘

  3. why bing ye seems to be so hate of chinese?? what matter is he already found his so called “his life” right?

    Thanks for update girl! ^_^

  4. Thank you very much azurro love you so much………. How can BY order something like that PRISON HER……when he already figure it out about YY….anyways YAT come fast and take YY to your side…………….take care azurro

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