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C-Novel: The Wolf Husband And Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 19.2

Chapter 19

Part 2 (Two)

Diarrhea is not simple matter

©  2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

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©  2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“An Jia Qi, don’t cry, you are big, why still crying? You see everyone is laughing at you.”

It was not easy to coax An Jia Qi to stop crying, Su Zhan Mo sitting beside her asking whether she felt hungry or not, what she wanted to eat.

As the result An Jia Qi this little kid who never remembered the lesson, heal from wound forgotten the pain, said out the foods she wanted to eat in detail, especially the mutton kebab as first.

It angered Su Zhan Mo to the point blacken his face, really wanted to let Mother An to beat her once.

Hence, during the night An Jia Qi still ate millet gruel.

After had been eating millet gruel for three days in row, finally An Jia Qi recovered. Back to school, Xiao Hu and Little Small Fatty were all around asking her, even treating her as a patient tailing her. Especially about snacks they were playing hide and seek with An Jia Qi.

As long as An Jia Qi asked snack from them, all were shaking head and said not taking any, which later made An Jia Qi frustrated.

In the sport field, An Jia Qi helplessly sitting aside on the bench seeing other students who were practicing. It was not easy, Li Hao Cheng done with his practice, thus An Jia Qi happily walked over.

But once Li Hao Cheng spotted An Jia Qi he run, two persons were chasing and running, circling the sport field for few times.

“Girl, you let me off…. don’t chase me anymore….” Li Mo Cheng breathless sitting on the ground.

Initially An Jia Qi didn’t have any strength, once she run few circles, her brain lacking of oxygen, but she still running at Li Hao Cheng’s back. this is translated for

“Qi Qi, today I forgot to bring money. Cannot go with you to eat things.”

An Jia Qi glared big eyes, staring at Li Hao Cheng, not long after that she pouted and then unhappily said: “What is going on with all of you? Why every time I talked about food, all of you are running away? Mei Zi, Xiao Hu, also Little Big Fatty and now you Hao Cheng Bro. Humped….. not eat then no eat…” After said, An Jia Qi turned and then walked away. Leaving the boy alone sitting in the sport field blowing by the cool breezing wind and also fear feeling.

He was caught by Su Zhan Mo after the second day An Jia Qi being hospitalized, gotten lesson by him. Although he was not forcing to be educated but there was slightest brain wash.

Anyway after Su Zhan Mo left, he and the other three kids were being brain washing: Absolutely should not give An Jia Qi to eat snacks. this is translated by azurro

After passed few days, it was school final examination. An Jia Qi was panic, because she had promised Mother An before to get three excellent, so that recently she didn’t go for practice, after school ended she reassured coming to Su Zhan Mo’s house to have private lesson.

Su Zhan Mo knew that An Jia Qi has good foundation, it’s only her brain not flexible, once she encountered logic question she would have gotten stuck, at the beginning taught her how to solve the questions, step by step to solve it. Not too mention, it really worked, recently An Jia Qi has been already solved few logic questions.

One day before examination, An Jia Qi was so nervous and could not go to sleep, at the morning she was sleepy to death. Su Zhan Mo seen An Jia Qi condition, could not help not to worry her.

“Qi Qi, did you not have good sleep last night?”

“En, it seemed could not sleep for the entire night, so nervous….”

“Mother An yesterday told me, It okay if not get excellent, at least you must work to your best….”

“Really?” once An Jia Qi heard it her eyes shining brightly, her head suddenly awake lot.

Su Zhan Mo helplessly nodding his head. This An Jia Qi once she felt nervous she would have made a mistake, so that Su Zhan Mo who knew her weakness, only could tell a lie.

Just as expected An Jia Qi who was not be burdened with pressure, the last two questions of math all were solved.

The parent conference after examination was attending by Mother An, constantly praising An Jia Qi and even let An Jia Qi to continue with her practice. This could be said as double happiness, but An Jia Qi was not happy, because she found out Xiao Hu and others were secretly eating snack at her back.


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  1. Mo Mo Ge is so caring and attentive towards Qi Qi…Qi Qi is so lucky. Thanks a lot for the update Azurro…

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