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C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 160

Chapter 160
Lu Qun’s heart

Still sweet moment between Ye Che and Long Mo Er but this time the chapter is more emphasized to Lu Qun’s heart. Seems that love blooms in Lu Qun’s heart and who the person is?

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Ye Che stood beside the bedside with slightly worried expression staring at the bed that didn’t have any dynamic movement, he kept on accompanying Long Mo Er taking rest for two nights together, he completely has be better, very spirited, at morning he even talked to her.

An initially she was better, didn’t know after this time sleep soundly, why didn’t he see any indication Long Mo Er gained her conscious again, so worried he using his hand to touch her forehead, to feel out her temperature, and it just fine, but, it has been quite long time he didn’t see her wake up. The previous two days even saw her kept on resting, but, after this late of time he was little bit worrying.

Just waiting for while, just waiting perhaps she would wake up, she only too tired. Ye Che comforted himself by this way, still constantly leaning on the bed, tightly holding her hand, looking at her.

After she injured, actually these few days are wonderful for him, every minutes every seconds he was accompanying at her side, she was so close to his eyes, he could clearly see and take care while watching her, and also can hold her warm hands, really since the days she disappeared, this is the happiest time he had.

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There was a time, he thoughts, it would be better if he has her to accompany him forever as simple as this, looking at her this peacefully is also enough, in the past he has a thought that he was looking for the kind of person who surrounded by crowded, being adore and worship, but, now his mood is completely changed, as long as she is in his life, nothing is matter, even if one day he does not have anything, as long as having her it is enough, he also a king in his kingdom.

But after thinking of it, he felt very funny, now she is lying on the bed, the wounds in her body hasn’t completely healed, how could he let her to stay like this forever? At least must wait until she recovery completely, healthy and bright standing in front of him, by that why both of them can live happily.

Ye Che who is distracted smiling while closing eyes, leaning to the bedside.

The evening twilight alike gentle woman, the amiable composed, faded inside the room.

Lu Qun is served the medicine entering the inner room, seeing two people who were lying on bed holding hands tightly each others, it was beautiful, she finally could rest assured to smile, rest assured because she happy for her Miss, feeling blessed and happy because for her Miss.

Perhaps, this is the fate that arranged and destined by Heaven. By letting Miss and Third Young Master encountered, loving each other, by this way it make people feel that this love is something precious and also not easy.

Thinking to this point, there’s someone good looking face flashed in Lu Qun’s head, his breathtaking eyes, his warm embrace, and also his damp-heat lips…. The uncovered body part of Lu Qun such as her neck at sudden redden, her heart skip-beat start to accelerate faster than usual.

Actually what did he think about her? What kind of position she has in his heart?

It seemed that she has fallen in love with him, filling by his warmness already, so that, she obeys him, she listens to him, just at the second time when they went to An Yuan Xuan searching for her Miss, she acquiesced sinking to his gentle lips, that night, that moment, her heart has completely flown to his side.

Then is everything that he had done for her was because he likes her? He didn’t say anything, so that, she only could make her guess. But, the sweetness that left behind, often makes her heart also felt hurt. The disparity between hers and his identity are too big, what can she expect?

Only silently loving him, sacrifice because of him, by this way, his happiness is also her happiness.

Even though the last person he will marry might be other girl, she will not regret, won’t she? At this moment Lu Qun’s heart feels hurt, ignoring her truth feeling.


5 thoughts on “C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 160

  1. I can’t remember who Lu Qun was. Was she Mo Er’s personal maid that grew up with her?
    Thanks for the update Azurro.

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