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Songs Azurro Picks ^-^ (Part 1)

I Don’t Care (我管你) By Hua Chen Yu

For me Hua Chen Yu is unique singer and song-composer. One of his song that I love the most until today is I Don’t Care (我管你). This song has such simple lyric and yet so straightforward to ‘articulate’ about oneself. At first time when I listened to this song, it sounded bit of arrogant perhaps, I didn’t listen carefully. But after few times, this song changes my mind.

Sometime, you really don’t need to explain yourself to other people because people who understand you naturally will be able to see through you.
You don’t need to care how people see you, think about you, how people feel about you because it is only yourself who knows better about you.
Don’t be affected and influenced by people’s opinions easily about yourself, either praising or criticizing.

Dream It Possible (我的梦) by Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang is so popular female in China and even outside Asia, she even released few albums. The first song that caught my interest was Dream It Possible either in English or Chinese. I love this song so much because as if it able to give me a strength to move on, courage to face/deal and take care things I might want to avoid, a power dare to dream and never stop until it comes true.

My favorite parts:
‘I know I’m changing, I know I’m changing into something big,
better than before.
When your dreams come alive you’re unstoppable
Take the shot, chase the sun, find the beautiful
We will glow in the dark turning dust to gold
And we’ll dream it possible’



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