ShowBiz Gossip

I like to watch drama

I like to watch movie

I enjoy to listen music

but there is something that I don’t understand in Showbiz, why everyone get interested in Gossip such as A actress gonna marry B businessman or C actor in short time, who dating whom, scandals or everything related to the actress, actors, singers, entertainers private life.

I like to know what new drama is going to release or currently airing, what movie is airing and who new singer is raising and what new nice song should be listen, etc. but I never understand why entertainers private life are much much much so attractive, interested sometimes more than their 作品。

these past two days, I read there lots of Ailee nude photo scandal in my twitter, fb and others social media no exception internet. at glance, I did read some netizen comment spicy words about Ailee. In my opinion, I really don’t care what happen to Ailee except her singing skill or acting skill since she is in showbiz and entertainers are selling their skill and ability such as acting, singing, hosting, etc. her photos, her private life is doing nothing with me or others.

My question, why there are some people busying to put a comment about Ailee. I mean, does Ailee nude photo bother your life or what. another case, people are so busy to take care others matter even there is none of they business such as someone dating someone.

Some said they are fans of A entertainer so, knowing A private life is something must in order to show how they care of A entertainer career in showbiz.

I myself as fan won’t do such wasting thing such as find out my idol close friends, who is idol dating with or something personal and private about the idol. Supporting Idol whom I like, if singer such as SuJu (I like to buy their original cd’s).

I never busy myself to find suju members dating whom except I read somewhere without purpose, such as when browsing internet.

The funniest things, Idols gossip are more acceptable compare to their works. people tend to get interest to idols gossip compare to what their next project. My friend told me that gossip magazines are much more sell-able compare to others in showbiz such as movie, cds, fashion magazine, etc.

so, what do you think about showbiz gossip?



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