Chit Chat : Be Careful, Naughty OLSHOP Seller

This is personal randomness post about last few days during my absence in blogging.

I was having problem with new Online seller . To say, I don’t really know the person because I was introduced through BBM broadcast.

Problems come when I made an order for “A” product at the beginning date on July. I made an order through local online shop in Indonesia. I never have problems before purchasing product online and I get used on it since it has been years but this time, everything really bad.

First time when I order the product, the seller told me one pieces of A, priced IDR130K if I purchased 3pcs the price would be IDR100K/pcs. So, I made the purchased.

I thought it would be economic just to take 3pcs rather than one since it sell-able stuffs. I not dare to put many order since the seller is new to me.

As we deal, the seller will give me 3 batteries as freebies with 3 A’s product and free shipping within My town. The payment done in COD (cash on delivery) terms. Seller informed me a week before the product delivered to me. Seller contact me through BBM and said I should transfer amount of money before the product being delivered to my place.

The problem was seller charge me more than what we had deal before and I should pay for the deliver/shipping fee. I refused to do so. I told the seller that, she was breaking the dealing and if she insist to make me pay more than what we had deal, I cancel my order.

She said I was daydreaming about the price and I lied to her. fortunately, I have behavior to keep all my BBM chat history for such situation as proved.

I told her that I am not lying and I have proved on what I said (my statement). I am also doing such online shop and I never want to cheat or breaking deal that I had done to my customers even I am risk at loss.
for me, business about trust beyond service quality and the product we sell.

The seller gave me ridiculous excuse about how she made the mistake when she giving the price through the process which actually was bullshit because I always confirm things more than one time before finalized my dealing, including this time.

I asked her about the price two times, ensure the products color two times and even about the freebies and shipping/delivery cost and others.

I have prove for what I said so I don’t even scared or afraid with any accuse she mentioned on me.

She keep on insisting me to pay more than what we had deal and I said, I cancel all the order and intending to cut any contact with her. She refused to do so because she risking on loss because of the transaction, while I won’t make any back-step because the fault not at my place.

Finally after she spoke nicely, I agree to pay for the delivery cost but the product price remain same as the first dealing, 100K/pcs

Until I make this post, my order hasn’t arrive.
speak honestly, I don’t care whether the product will be send or not since I am not interested anymore.

The most important, I won’t buy any product from the seller even she offers cheaper price. I always being taught by my grandparent and parent, business is about trust, do not make a business to those who can’t keep the promise and dealing. that’s why it really important to have business contract, especially with huge amount of money.

LESSON from my case
If you don’t know about the Local Online seller, don’t purchase anything and even you insist want to make business, ensure the seller has good track-record, real testimony of others.
In my case, to minimize the risk being fool and cheat, it better to ask COD payment term rather than transfer via banking or paying through credit card.

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