Review : The Body Shop Sorbet Mango

DSC00884Picture credit to the owner (I do not own this picture)

Finally I can make review of the body shop sorbet. so, this product just launched on this month in my local TBS. I was heard so many good things about this product from oversea friend.

I grab my mango sorbet two weeks ago when I was “window-shopping” (geezz, still end up by buying). Since it has discount 10% for the member, I think I should grab one.

I was difficult in choosing because I felt like love all the fragrances. In the end, I still choose mango which not really smell too sweet and too soft.

The Sales girl really smooth-talker and persuasive. I thought if I still there for another minutes, I might end up buying all products she recommended.

Well back to the topic.
Sorbet, what is it?
The sales girl told me that sorbet kind of the combination of Body butter and lotion which it so moisturize alike body butter but well absorb like lotion, so it should be in middle between Lotion and Body butter. another things about the sorbet, it gives cold sensation for the skin and best to use in summer time or when you feeling “hot” or uncomfortable with your skin.

My Opinion
texture is gel based, not creamy like body butter and well absorb just like lotion even more moisturize than lotion. It gives cool sensation but not long lasting.
One thing I like about this sorbet is it help to improve my dry skin to be better and it works well in my “irritate” skin such as reddish and something like inflammation.

The price is really not good for me, quite expensive but it still best deal when comes to discount and others promotions.

Packaging very simple and not attractive but I fine with it.
Picture1This is my mango sorbet, sorry for the blur picture because I took it by handphone camera.

tmp_20140815_155113-1313432096better picture quality, I think. ahahahaa


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