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Short Trip To Singapore

This is late post about my trip with mom to Singapore. We went to Singapore only three days two night, the shortest trip I ever have with mom.

When we were in Singapore, we visited one of my cousin who worked as architect for Singapore company. She has been there for two years while seeking the opportunity to get back to US.

My purpose to visit Singapore last time was to have body check-up and since my cousin was there, mom and I just stayed at her apartment which located near Orchard Street.

It was short so I didn’t really have fun. I just went to Sentosa Island and took a walk on Orchard street, looking at the shopping center, the branded stuff which I couldn’t effort to buy (so expensive).

I don’t find Singapore as tourism destination, for me nothing about Singapore that really can attract me, let’s say Marina Bay (it only building with unique construction), the Merlion, The Universal, etc…

Before we ever visited Malaysia for medical trip with my uncle and cousin. I did the eyes check up but I just dislike the services so I never think to make any check up in Malaysia anymore. for years, Malaysia always be destination for medication trip but I just dislike it, only my personal matter.

Picture1My photo, aishhhh so shy ah…. I’m looked so fatttt.


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