Review : Nivea Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Serum SPF25 PA

tmp_20140822_1637271885608183Another body care that worth to review. Nivea is one of my favorite drug store brand that I seldom complain about. I always like Nivea body care product such as the lotion, the body serum, the deodorant, etc. One thing that I could say, for me Nivea body care product smell same for me. I hardly to differentiate the fragrances.

Today I review is about Nivea intensive advanced moisture care serum SPF 25 PA++ for dry to extra dry skin. I know it really long name so just called it as Nivea serum.

What the product says:
It is the first body moisture serum from nivea which contain SPF 25 PA++, protect the skin from UV.
Enrich with 96%pureness of vitamin E and grape seed extract for dry skin and harsh.
with hydra IQ help to moisture the skin up to 24 hours.
the formula is light and ease to absorb onto the skin.

The result:
– The Texture
It thick creamy body lotion. it smell good and soft for me. as the product mention, it really well-absorb and moisture my skin. it not sticky.

How long it moisturize the skin?
For me it last quite longer from others lotion I ever used, about 4-6 hours in air conditioners.

The packaging
it really not attractive and like cheap product. the tube is so thin which squeeze little will make the cream come out so much.

The price
it is drug store product so it really affordable compare to the Korean, Japanese or The Body Shop lotions. if it compare to the others drug store brands, it is an average. I bought it about twenty thousand rupiah with discount price so it really best deal to grab one.

tmp_20140822_163734-827830958This is how the back look alike.

Ps: I am really sorry for the picture quality since my last camera was broke, mom get furious and disallowed me to purchase new ones. so, I just using my phone camera.
it really my bad because this year, I just broke two cameras that why I get punished T.T

hope you enjoy my review and feel free to drop comment and send me an email. it will be great to get in touch ^_^


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