Eating Clean

Food : Noodles and veggies

I think those follow this blog know how I really concern about my health. I am starting the veggies and eating clean more than a year. As someone who can’t really cook, I don’t have any option for my meal. My mom is great cook as well my lil sis but my family is meat-eater which mean, I hardly to enjoy free-meat food.

I know some my friends told me how stupid to be vegetarian especially, there are so many delicious and tasty food in the world which make from meat. It really my life style decision. When I was meat-eater, I kind of picky too. I didn’t eat all meats even my choice limited to chicken and pork. I never taste beef or lamb or any others mammals except pig. for fish, I only eat two or three types of fish, one of it was salmon.

I don’t feel at loss when decided to be veggies. I am also not a pure vegetarian who doesn’t eat onion. I eat egg but it so seldom.

As dummy in cooking, I prefer an instant food but it not healthy so I should learn to cook by myself. I want to eat noodle but it only an instant noodle in my mom food cabinet and those flavors in meat such as chicken curry and blabla…

My first time to cook misua or mee sua (thin noodles makes from wheat). My mom really in good mood when she taught me.

the picture was uploaded from my IG since I couldn’t re-upload in this post. so bear with the picture, hehehehe

My noodle consist very simple ingredients and so easy to make even someone like me could cook it so tasty. It looks so green because I put green veggies such as broccoli, seaweed, scallion, beside the green veggies, I did put mushroom but it was in the bottom. for hot and spicy taste, I prefer to have black pepper. It took me about five minute to cook the noodles, very easy and simple and taste good for me.


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