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Index of My Life Happiness

Sadness and Happiness just comes and goes in certain and such way. Most of people value the happiness with wealth and money in comparison, the richer someone the happier he/she will be (I was taught in that way before) the mind of collecting as much wealth just lead someone be materialistic and also consumptive.
Money might not the most important in the world, at the same time without money life surely hard to go through.

Index of my life happiness always the peaceful in my mind. money and wealth will be in others number but the most important for me is peaceful.

Attaining mind peaceful is easy but also hard because all is dealing with mind and heart and willingness.
For me, the very first thing to make my mind in peace is control the desires. Human is creature that filled with unlimited desires, Word of “want” is always come up. human seldom to think and differentiate between desire/want to need/necessary.

If I say I don’t have desires, it means I am fat fat fat liars. I am neither Saint nor Goddess, I am just simple human being who also has greed, desires, wants, etc.

Peaceful for me means I have less worries, less stress, more smiles, more laugh. Peaceful also happy with what I own, be grateful of what I have, healthy family member and others positive traits.

I know some of you might think how hypocrite this post. In the reality people put money first then others (commonly) since we need to fulfill foods, shelter, clothing, etc. then the spiritual and mind comes later.

Years ago, I did think same, money is everything so I worked like crazy without knowing day and night. I spent most of time sitting in office doing the documents, checking the papers and I forgot myself as social human being that need to be friends, hang out once in while and gather in family events.

I saved sen to sen of my money. Thinking that I would be happy if I have much money but I wrong and it was huge mistake I done in my past.

I lost one of my friend (lost contact and never talked since we graduated from high school), being insensitive with my family and I really super alone.

I remembered first time when I got my pay-check, I was so happy to count and saw my saving book. months to months it getting much and much but at the same time I less happy and less-enjoy my life. So, years ago, I drew all the money that I saved from my bank account, I took long-break from my job and went traveling for two months full visiting one country to other countries, from one city to other cities.

Then I realized the proverb “Katak dalam terpurung” Like a frog trapped inside a coconut shell. There is something bigger outside compare to the current world I know.

I saw more when I was on travel, something bigger and important than money and I realized life is not about prosper in material but the most important things prosper in mental state which is happiness.

Religion takes huge part in my life changes. understand of “everything happen because reason” and “karmic law” are lessen my worries and gives me peaceful life.

My life is far from perfect but my life is happier compare to those past years I had through.
My friend or some people who I know and at same age with me might working in higher position, getting higher paid but I just happy as the way I am since nothing I would like to compare with them.
Having mom to nag of me if I am doing something not right means someone is still watching me.
Small argue with my sisters mean we are open as siblings.
Getting tired from working means I am able to use my skill to earn.
Being grateful to see the sun rise and set everyday it means I still alive and if I still live it means I still can do lots of things.
By thinking in such way, I feel being rich person and at the moment satisfied with all I have now.

So, will money come in first and become the most important?
You know my answer and how about you 🙂


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