Hobby : Handmade Stuffs

I do really enjoy my long-break and free from those hectic routine. Even I can’t escape from my assistant who calls me every day just asking this and that, checking email and handling some urgent documents.

I can’t refuse because kindness of boss who gave me “permission”. My boss even said to take my time and I didn’t need to worry about works in office (I still grateful even all just polite words XD )

Doing DIY and handmade stuffs are things that I haven’t do for such long time. I just too busy with work and focus to random things and forgetting one of my hobbies, DIY project and handmade.

IMG_20130611_114701This is one of my handmade stuffs which I did during my school time. mostly I deal with clothes and fabric stuffs. I used flannel most back the time.

I used to earn money from selling hand-made stuffs when I was in school. I even made head rest for the car as part of accessories. I do love DIY and hand-made but not seriously pursuing that path because mom hope I could go working in office and have good position and good payment.

On process making neck pillow for Crystal.


3 thoughts on “Hobby : Handmade Stuffs

    1. I stopped to do all the crafty after graduated from high school because I need to focus on my study in Uni and working.
      I did thought to make living from such crafty things since the earning was ok (during high school) and I do really like it. But, mom just dislike me to be so attached with those stuffs. T.T

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