Kou chan Almost 2 Years old

Anyone remember my nephew, Kou chan?

Kou chan

So the baby boy really grow up now. As I remembered last time when he came here, he hasn’t able to speak and walking but now he becomes so active and able to run.

Oh~ miss the baby boy…

My mom ever told me that Kou chan might one of the easiest baby to take care because he loves to sleep and drinking milk. He very seldom crying except hungry or he needed to change the diapers. He has beautiful smiles and very active baby.

So, he going to be two years old and being in PG class. Kou chan grow taller than I could imagine. Sis said Kou loves zoo so much even they have pigeons on their rooftop. I love to hear Kou chan from sis because every time sis talked about her son, I could feel the parent aura. The expectations, the wishes and hope for the child.

Lovely kou chan

Two years ago, Ren and I were thinking to visit Japan but I couldn’t make it. So, I wish next year Ren and I could visit Japan.








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