Green Tea : Brand, Price and Taste

I am not kind of person who loves tea especially green tea at the first time I taste it. I even dislike it because the bitter taste.

My love grows to tea when I decided to have healthier life style and watching dad enjoys his tea every time he at home. My dad is typical Chinese man who loves drinking tea, whatever the variant are. Black, red, white and green, he drinks every types.

While I really picky daughter of my dad. I love green tea more than any types of tea. Red tea and Oolong tea are the most common tea you could find in restaurant in here. The Indonesian food restaurant always has Red tea to serve while the Chinese restaurant more differentiate such as Guan Yin tea (kind of Oolong), red tea, Jasmine and green tea. but Oolong is one common tea find in street food, selling by the Chinese people in here.

Tea is well-known with it numerous benefit such as fat burner and calming effect that are reason I like it so much till today. Talking about teas, it has so many variation and easy to find in supermarket. The price is also different from one to others.

The cheapest tea that I ever bought was less than IDR1000 per pack (5bags). The taste also different.

Sariwangi is one archetypical tea of local brand that so famous in Indonesia under Unilever. it has three types black tea, Jasmine tea and vanilla tea.
IMG_2683This is the original and most common and can be find everywhere in Indonesia. It taste bitter and darker in flavor and color.

sariwangi-green-teaSariwangi Jasmine green tea with less dark color and taste not so bitter compare to the original ones.

Other than sariwangi I like Djenggo Green tea
498This tea promising to reduce the fat naturally. It only be found in mini market or drug store.

dilmah teaOne of my favorite tea, Dilmah green tea with Moroccan mint
a cup

My dad is the one who love to spend money on tea even he asking friends who living in China or Taiwan to help him buying tea. the expensive tea I bought by my self was Dilmah about IDR 70,000/box (20 bags) and Organic Matcha green tea and Matcha powder imported from Japan (with friend help).

I don’t mind with price and brand because the important thing for me is the taste. I can’t really take the bitter tea such as black tea but I still drink it sometimes in the morning before starting my stress routine.

My favorite teas
– Drugstore/supermarket
*Sariwangi original the Jasmine tea (IDR 6000/box equal to $0.50)
*Sariwangi Jasmine green tea (IDR 12000/box equal to $1)
*Lipton Green tea (IDR 30,000/box equal to $3)
*Kepala Djenggo Green tea (IDR 10000/box equal to $0.80)
The price is less than IDR40,000/box so it really affordable

– Special Store
*Dilmah green tea with morrocan mint (IDR 75,000)
*Dilmah Chamomile tea (IDR 70,000)
*Harada Japanese tea (2-3 types)
*Sencha green tea
This tea usually available in mini market or store that sell imported product. It kind hard to purchase because the limited stock. The price up to IDR 50,000
IMG-20141012-01461Example is Dilmah tea. The Cheapest Dilmah cost IDR 50,500/box (20-25 bags)

While Japanese tea could more than IDR 100,000 per 100 gram (any brand than Harada) while Harada might be the cheapest bag tea (price about IDR80,000 per 50bags)

I never really think the price of tea I drink even price also in consideration sometimes when I am in tight budget. Thanks to dad who share loves in drinking tea so I don’t have problem to taste finest tea.

How about you?


15 thoughts on “Green Tea : Brand, Price and Taste

      1. Ah~
        if you come to Indonesia, make yourself to try tea made by the locals because it very different from one province to others.
        The Sumatera famous with Teh Tarik /Pulling tea (not sure how to translate the tea name in English LOL)

      1. my dad also like brewing his tea and I love to join him. he always use the fresh boiling water to brew the tea and it makes the tea taste very good.
        Blame my laziness, at office I prefer the bags because it so instant since using the dispenser water.

      2. Yeah my dad also love brewing his tea. He’s very serious about it, apparently some tea have to have certain temp in order to bring out the rich flavor. Lol

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