Review : Natur-E Daily Nourishing Lotion

Ah~ I have lot time today, since it is public holiday and I don’t have schedule except the dining invitation tonight. So, I have lots time to up date my blog.

20141021_143446This is one of the new body lotion that I purchased last time in one of drug store near my place. As I said, I am really body care junkies.

The product description
Natur-E Daily nourishment lotion is product of Darya Varia one of Indonesia product. This is my first time to use Darya Varia product others than “medicine” that they sell.

The product promise to nourish the skin to be healthier, the vitamin E beads is for moisturizing the skin longer and function as the antioxidant with the pomegranate. It also contain ingredient that gives UV A and UV B protection.

My Opinion
The lotion texture is creamy and little sticky to the skin but it absorb well even not as fast as Nivea. It has soft fragrance with smell alike cucumber or aloevera for me but it really fresh scent. even the scent isn’t my favorite but it not really bother me.

To say this lotion isn’t cheap but also not expensive, it an average price for the drug store lotion. One bottle of Natur-E lotion cost me less than IDR30,000. The scent last longer and it moisturized the skin. about the UV A and UV B protection, I don’t really know whether it works or not since I used it at night before I go to sleep.

I don’t have any problem with the lotion but I don’t think to re-purchased it since I want to try another drug store product and looking for the better ones than this.



2 thoughts on “Review : Natur-E Daily Nourishing Lotion

  1. Much cheaper and better to buy some vitamin e pills and your favorite lotion. Just mix them together and apply. I use my vitamin pills with my fav face lotion for my face. Helps elasticity, scars, and other things. I also use it for after shaving on my armpits and girl parts. Of course it helps to put on your cuticles as well.

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