Review : OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

I have read bunches of OST original pure vitamin C20 serum reviewed and also from friends who were using this product. I don’t know anything about this product when first time being offered by my supplier. The supplier ensured me to give a try with this products since it really one of the best selling and hot items product in Korea and even sold-able in Taiwan.

So this product brand is OST which I never heard before but I still give my try to know how wonderful this product because many of friends were asking me to help them buying OST from Korea.

I kind surprised with this brand, OST is so famous in Korea even in Taiwan, it seems only me who don’t know about this brand XD XD XD

Let’s start with the product promise:
– Revitalizing
– Removing the dead skin cell
– Whitening
– Pore tightening
– Recovering the trouble scar
– Removing blackheads

The product texture
OST vitamin c20 serum is one of sticky serum I ever tried. Usually serum is easy to absorb and non-sticky but this product just sticky. It comes from small sturdy bottle 30ml which oranges color in box and the serum also “oranges”. It smells really “tangerine” but not sting. At least, I really don’t mind with the scent.

How to apply the product (based on wishtrend)
Picture1The Result on Me
I have different method on how to use this product since the direction on “how to used” not works for me.
Let me shared the first method result (based on above direction)
When I used OST combine with others product for my night skin care routine, I was feeling my skin no improvement and even get worse because the acne appeared and disappeared for the first two weeks. I even felt my face kind of itchy.
Since it best used at night, I never used it in the morning. When using this serum, it really important to use sun block or sun protection during the day because I found out if didn’t use the sun protection or sun block, it ease the skin to get black spots.

After month trial, I decided to single use this product without combines any product during my night skin routine. I still curious with this product because it works best to most of my friends that’s why they kept on asking me to help them buying it.

On the day, I decided to single use, I got to see positive improvement of my skin. It really works. no more acne, my skin tighter but the black head not really gone. still, I feel “it’s okay” for the product with the result that showed within the time.

NO! I won’t repurchase it.
The price is quite expensive for 30ml and I don’t really see the huge effect or very dramatically changes on my skin. 
Maybe I will try another product which better than this one…


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