December 2014

2014 will be ended soon. It’s time for me to make my yearly self evaluation within the year.

This year still consider as one of the great year since I did lot of great things, meeting many good friends and of course the fellows great readers in my blog (still hope get inputs through comment ^_^).

Starting next year I will arrange and schedule all my posts, balancing the contains and topic that I would like to share. I tried to flash back all my posts, especially the translation project. I think, the translation really messing and rushing if I should make daily post so, I decided to slower my pace and doing proofreading and also many grammatical check and some “fix” for better reading.

So far the fellow readers really kind and nice people, no ones really give me negative comment, they even support and give me huge courage to go further by taking second project. I relieved this blog isn’t closed or deactivate last time or else I might lose many good fellows who giving me many positive comments and supports.

Then my big family house is 95% finished, really excited with the new house which is bigger than last time. Crystal and Aillen will have bigger place to run. We have waited about two years for the house and finally it done. next year we will moving there 🙂

I also happy for my younger sis, finally she is working and experiencing “being employee” after she celebrate her sixteen years old birthday (so, she become wiser when spending money, hehehehe).

Well, happy early Mother day’s, Merry Christmas and New Year…
I hope all of you will have a great holiday, stay healthy, happy and all the best 😀



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