Review : Secret Key Snow White Spot Gel

Happy New Year 2015 🙂

secret key snow white spot gel
secret key snow white spot gel

Last year (2014) secret key was having sale and discount so I just couldn’t resist myself to make order for some products. one of the product which I purchased was secret key snow white spot gel. As I ever mentioned, secret key was one of unfamiliar brand for me but since friends were recommended it, I just gave try.

The product didn’t provide much description in English, all written in Korean. so I made my own searched in internet about the product.

Product description:
secret key snow white spot gel niacinamide contained for whitening and brightening the skin. dedicated pigmentation and whitening gel for small areas. face, armpits, elbow, blackened skin friction and improve skin tone to make the skin brighten tone. effectively reducing the pigmentation, thereby suppressing generation of melanin gives. mild gel gives moisture to the skin without irritation. can be used without wash.

How to use :
Whitening is needed and rub gently by massage the area by giving the appropriate amount. could be used in all part of body areas such as: armpit, elbow, face, bikini line, etc.

Result on me:
when I purchased this product, I did have high expectation to brighten my skin tone especially the elbow and the knees. I not dare to put or applied this product to other parts of my body especially the sensitive ones such as bikini line and armpits.

The texture of the product is liquid gel that easy to apply and absorb into the skin. the gel also has cool sensation and very “soothing-feeling” if being store in refrigerator. The scent of the product quite nice and soft. There is no differentiate in skin tone at the first appliance but after two weeks, you could see the skin tone brighten little bit. to say, this product not really reached my expectation and at some point it so disappointed because it made my skin harsh and itchy after while.

I used snow white gel spot only in my elbow and knees and later on I found it make my skin rough and harsh. in order to smoother my skin, I need to apply body scrub.

secret key snow white gel spot is not suitable for my skin I prefer to try another product and won’t purchase it anymore. The price for the product itself quite expensive and for me, it not worth to purchase since there still others product which give better result and lower price compare to secret key snow white gel spot.


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