Introduced : Satinique from Amway

I have heard this brand since I was small, too young to know what kind of product this brand sell during that time. I got to know this brand when one of my friend was using Amway’s product for curing her pimples which worsen day to day. I remembered this product could not be purchased in store or any supermarket.

Later on when I older enough, I found out Amway is company that selling their product in muti-level marketing model which means product is directly sell through members or IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) how they said it.
For more information about Amway just check wikipedia.

So, I was offered Satinique shampoos, conditioners and etc (hair care product) of Amway by my friend who is member. My hair is getting thinner and thinner day to day and I am being horror to become bold, extremely afraid.

I was helplessly looking for hair treatment product since I have tried Aloevera but the improvement not as good as the first month because I still experience hair loss in my days.

My friend was introduced three items of sanitique that should be used along in order to stop and control the hair loss, which are :Shampoo, Conditioner and scalp tonic.

Let’s come with the Shampoo
Satinique anti hair fall shampoo
shampooProduct description:
Saves up to 1800 strands per month
The formula with patented enerjuve complex, invigorates fragile, fine or thinning hair while reducing hair loss from breakage.

Leaves hair looking fuller and thicker
Reduces hair loss due to breakage
Stimulates circulation and exfoliates to promote scalp health.

The Conditioner
conditionerThen Satinique Scalp Tonic
scalpProduct Description :
Revitalized scalp, fuller-looking head of hair.
Fueled by our patented Scalp Revitalizing Complex, this revolutionary treatment formula combines scalp-health ingredients with signature botanicals to help promote thicker-looking hair. Fine, fragile, and thinning hair finds renewed strength with reduced loss from breakage.

In 12 weeks, 95% agreed that Scalp Tonic helped make their hair look thicker and helped strengthen their fine, fragile hair.

Amway product only can be purchased either you become the member (purchased online or in the counter) or you can purchase through other people who are members.

These product are super expensive compare to normal drugstore shampoos. It cost double even triple than others drugstore shampoo brand, only for small bottle shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonic.

Currently using these product only to know whether my money worth it or not. I will make the review of these product after two – three months.


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