Chit chat : Batik…Batik…

When I was little kid, I always saw my Eyang (Grandma in Javanese) wearing something like simple Javanese Kebaya with many kinds of Batik Motif. Perhaps because I was too young so I didn’t really care and thought Batik as something so old-fashion moreover in form of plain Kebaya cutting.


I don’t own the picture

That one of example Batik cutting that similar to My grandma’s batik cutting which she wore in her daily life.

During my childhood, most of people I knew wearing Batik only at home because they not really understand the real value of Batik as cultural heritage. My mom bought me Batik only as sleep-wears or home-wears so I never really have beautiful Batik outfit.

As time passes, the changing in Indonesia fashion industry finally able to upgrade the value of Batik. Today youngsters won’t think Batik as old-fashion things but Batik is something fashionable with cultural heritage as identity of nation added as value for Batik, itself.

Last time when I was window shopping in one of the biggest mall in my town, I spotted a boutique which only sold batik dresses, custom-made batik outfit and surprisingly the price could triple of famous brand product from Europe only for one pieces of silk batik with simplest motif.

Not only the Indonesian like Batik but foreigners also grow curiosity and interest on Batik.

The designers whether Indonesian or non-Indonesian are getting so creative to design Batik as out fit that could be wear in many occasions, long time ago when Batik not really popular like today, there would no people wearing Batik attending wedding party, business events or any “High Level” Social gathering except it stated as dress code but today, without “dress code” label in invitation card, people still proudly wearing Batik in this modern life.

In my last year of my senior high, Batik was compulsory to wear every friday in school even when I entered work-force, I still compulsory to wear Batik one or twice every week, attending meeting, etc.

I have simple Batik formal dress that I wear to office every Monday and Friday (since it compulsory), Even mine is cheap but still I like my Batik.

Here I present you some well-made Batik (Photo credit to their owners)





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