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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 7.2

Chapter 7

Part 2 (Two)

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Because of her, his sickness became worse!

“Ling…Ling…” He tightly grabs his cloth collar, the vein in his back hand bursting , but he still calls her name. He wants to hear her singing voice, he wants her to heal his pain in his chest, and he wants her to help him suppress his hunger1] .

Because he wants her so much, his desires even make things worse, his anger mixed with pain just hurts his body completely.

The medicines that she bought for him, all are useless, while the one that he wants is only her.

He just wants her!

He moves his body, walks to the cupboard, opens the drawer, looking for the medicine inside——-the medicine that she brought for him.

“Ling, this medicine is useless!” he grabs the medicine and pinch it in his hand.

The medicine package deforms because of his increasing strength, the numerous tablets broke into small pieces of tablets.

He clinched the medicine to his chest, thinking of that medicine as her, trying to neutralize his pain.

“Ling, I love you, I love you until I go crazy!” Really loves her, the kind of love that he is even willing to exchange his life for her. He wants to kiss her.

Unstoppable pain, unstoppable lust….

Lips—– kiss till the plastic twisted .

Is he abnormal? Perhaps he is. An abnormal man who is going crazy because of love!

She is a coward! Because she does not know how to face Han Yue Yi she asked for work leave; she is just hiding inside her home, mourning her complex feeling. Feng Xiao Ling is sitting in front of television in the living room, watching infotainment news.

“Ling, are you still not going to work tomorrow?” Asks Gao Hui Hui who sits beside her when she is done with cleaning the room.


“How many days does your company have as holiday?”

“Aiya, nothing la.”

“Do you feel unwell?”

“It is also nothing to do la.”

“So, why are you staying at home for these few days?”

“I….I…” This reason is so difficult to explain.

“Don’t say because—–” Gao Hui Hui facial expression changed, “Are you fired by the company?”

“No, there is nothing like that!” Feng Xiao Ling waved her hands.

“Hui Hui, Xiao Ling is only not going to company, you do not need to be surprised.” Zhao Ke Zhen who is eating an apple, walks inside.

“Do you think everyone is similar to you?” Gao Hui Hui kicked Ke Zhen, then let her stay beside them.

“Xiao Ling, you better speak honestly with me, what is going on in your company? Are you being bullied, if yes, I will come to help you!” Gao Hui Hui said seriously.

Feng Xiao Ling looks at her best friend. Hui Hui is always like leader, she is always protecting a cowardly and weak person like her.

“It is true, so you are bullied.” Suddenly Ke Zhen puts down her apple, walks to the phone and prepares to make a call.

“Please, Ke Zhen, that is a completely different matter,” said Feng Xiao Ling.

But no one listened to her, Zhao Ke Zhen has already make the phone call: “Wei, Xiu Yan? Is there any brother over your place? I think I have some matter to bother you guys.”

“Looking for others to help, or else just both of us helping Xiao Ling is faster,” said Hui Hui.

“If that is the case we can win?”


“Just in case we needed it.”

God, you guys talk more to go further! Feng Xiao Ling is sweating. Even if their intention is really touching, but—-the matter is, she isn’t bullied by others in her company, she just felt so complicated and having trouble because she fell in love with Han Yue Yi.

“I…I better throw away the rubbish!” She hurriedly looking for excuses, hurried to grab the garbage bag in the kitchen and rushed toward front gate.

In the deepest of silent night, whistling sound of wind blowing through her hair, cold air and high moon hanging in the sky, giving a sense of grimness in the empty street.

Feng Xiao Ling carries the garbage bag to the garbage bin near her apartment door.

He must be so angry, because of those words she said to him the other day. But she really wishes that she is also someone special to him, even only little bit special, it would be more than good for her. At least when he kisses her, it would be because he loves her.

Feng Xiao Ling throws the garbage in her hand into the bin then turns her back and heads toward her apartment.

Under the cold dim moonlight, her shadow pulls long, very lonely, it is only one shadows. But it is so strange, is the reason because the time is too late? Even her shadow looks so lonely.

Suddenly, another shadow sticks to her shadow, a pair of black leather shoes appear in her vision line.

Feng Xiao Ling can’t help but look up, as if the star is falling from the sky, he is just stood there, back straight, the deep black eyes as if pressing lust, his lip’s corner hanging, a kind of smile that able to shiver another heart.

Is—-he Han Yue Yi? Yes, he is. But…he is just unlike the person she knows.

“Are you trying to escape?” asked a cold voice. Oddly it has an elegant and seductive feeling, as if every pore in her body is covered by the cold ice water.

He walks step by step to her, while she just stays still, not daring to move; she is speechless, forgets to blink her eyes, holding a deep breath and afraid she might forget to breathe.


1] The mean of hunger is about Han Yue Yi feeling towards Ling.


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  1. Thank you for the translation. Another way of to de-stress yourself is do what you enjoy i.e, translating books, read books or do whatever make you happy.

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