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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 108

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Chapter 108

Sad Injured Spirit (1)

One’s own great effort, after saving the person in front of her eyes, saving a life, Long Mo Er felt fully satisfied enveloped in her accomplishment.  This is the most meaningful thing that she’s done in this life!

Not daring to have the slightest neglect, she now finally can relax. After relaxing her mental state, Long Mo Er gave a tiny yawn.

Just by chance at the right moment, Bai Yin Chen (White robe) raised his head and saw the yawn.

After quite a while he unenthusiastically opened his mouth, “You go rest.  I’m fine now.”  Taking care of a person is very tiring; moreover she was by his side every single moment.  Starting from the moment when she saved his life, she must not have had a chance to have a good rest.  Now he is better so she can relax.

But what is the real reason that allowed her to look after him for this long?  Who is she really?  When it’s all said and done, why did she do all this? She really is a bit odd.  He really wanted to know.

These questions were in the bottom of his heart.  He just wanted the answers.

“I’m not tired.  My spirits are quite good, extremely good.”  Knowing that he saw her relax, she dreaded his concern. Long Mo Er showed a little smile.  Quickly standing up, she exerted all her strength to stretch her entire body.

Bai Yin Chen (White Robe) laughed.

The look of exhaustion on her face obviously showed.  She was unable to hide it even as she tried to be brave.

Pure, kindhearted, unbending, artless…..

What type of a female is she?  This question once again emerged in his mind.

Seeing Bai Yin Chen’s smile, Long Mo Er knew he wasn’t even a little convinced.  Looking at the warm sunshine outside the window, she immediately opened her mouth to speak.  “Don’t you want to live?  I’ll help you, support you to take a stroll in the courtyard.  This way you’ll know that my spirits are still good.”

“Eh, OK.”

Bai Yin Chen didn’t say any more and inclined his head a little.

“If something isn’t to your liking, tell me.”  Long Mo Er supported his arm. Gently and cautiously she led him outside the door.

The warm sunshine gently dispersed, shone on their bodies, very comfortable.

Passing through the baptism of the sunshine, and maneuvering a bit, Bai Yin Chen’s face clearly had good color.

“Miss Long, thank you.”

“If you could just hurry up and get better, consider that as paying me back.  This is the first time in my life that I saved someone whom I met.  So if you can strive harder to get well, that will be good.”  Long Mo Er attentively watched Bai Yin Chen’s eyes.  It was very solemn, very earnestly spoken.

Seeing her genuinely alarmed eyes, Bai Yin Chen didn’t know really know what to say.

Bai Yin Chen spaced out his question.  “Miss Long, you’ve cared for me so many days. Isn’t your family worried?”

Familiar with not admitting hardships, his concerned sentence pulled at Long Mo Er’s sad injured spirit.

“Bai Yin Chen, I’ll help you back to the room.  Standing here is not too good.”  Long Mo Er patiently bore the pain.  Not waiting for his answer, she already lent a hand to support him going out.

Bai Yin Chen noticed Long Mo Er’s change and her support in going back.

She became angry just because of one sentence about her family.

“You rest.  I’ll first go out.”  After finding a good spot for Bai Yin Chen, Long Mo Er walked out dazed, softly closing the door.

Bai Yin Chen completely took in her lonely expression.

She, what will be the outcome?


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 108

    1. It will be a number of chapters before she’s found. I think that while it may seem like a tangent, this time away is important to the development of her place in the Ye family and her husbands’ heart.

  1. At that time a girl’s reputation is ruined if she talks with a man alone,the maids are for her safety. So staying the night out and taking care of a man who is not related to her that’s a scandal in itself. Hope the family will take her back. And it is her fault that everyone is worrying and that the sister in law also get missing. She is in a lot of trouble.

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