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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 111

Translated by : Obsidian

Chapter 111

First Laugh

A trace of melancholy appeared on Long Mo Er’s face.

She hopes she will embrace many beautiful stories, hopes that for a very long time afterward each day will be unordinary and different, becoming another persons’ marvelous story.

“Bai Yin Chen, what’s the matter?” Long Mo Er asked in a soft voice.

The sudden sound of the voice made Bai Yin Chen turn his head around toward Long Mo Er who was behind him.  His eyes brightened some, unlike the dull spirit a moment ago.

After sitting down, Long Mo Er again asked, “Bai Yin Chen, what were you thinking just now?”

“You saved me, moreover after this long you are still calling me using my formal name.  The feeling is very strange.”

“He, he, then I’ll call you big brother Bai. I’m just used to that manner of speaking, that’s all.  I’ll simply call you big brother Bai!  You can call me Mo Er. That will be just fine.”  Long Mo Er attractively smiled.

“Eh.”  giving a promise using a slight nod of the head.

“Big brother Bai. He, he.”

It’s already been a long time since anyone was this personal when addressing him. Before, his little sister always had this sort of sweet little smile when opening her mouth, ethereally calling him big brother.  But those days have already left him forever.  Is his own little sister alright?  She ought to be like Mo Er who is in front of his eyes, the same type, the sort of person whom people are naturally fond of. Right now his sister also is the age where the next step is to marry.  After Mo Er began to be close, his longing for his own family was naturally evoked. The memories of their faces easily came to him, remembering their warm and smiling expressions. They ought to be all well! Now it dawned on him that originally he did not clearly and distinctly recall their appearance.  Furthermore he couldn’t forget.

“Hey, yoo-hoo.”

“Ah!” Long Mo Er waved her hand in front of Bai Yin Chen eyes.  He realized his prior absent-mindedness.

Did Mo Er appear because May 15th is getting closer and closer?

“Big brother Bai, what’s with you today? Where are you uncomfortable?”  Thinking of that possibility, Long Mo Er’s worried eyebrows raised a little.

Taking in Long Mo Er’s distressed expression, Bai Chen Yin stood up knocking her head with his hand, afterward slightly smiled and sat down again.

“Wa, that hurts!” Long Mo Er blurted out. Because of his action, she used her hand to cover the spot where he knocked.  “Why did you knock on my head?  I have been this concerned about you and you unexpected retaliate? ”

“He, he!”  Bai Chen Yin gave a big laugh.

“Still laughing!  Looking at me this way, you’re still laughing!”  Hearing the sound of Bai Chen Yin’s loud laughter, Long Mo Er pouted slightly angry.

Bai Chen Yin seeing her happy self, couldn’t help but doubt whether his own task a moment ago was that important?  Moreover, it has been a very long time since he felt that close to anyone, Mo Er’s sudden appearance, unexpectedly being thoroughly concerned for his welfare, seeing her concerned face. He believes using this small practical action will help drive away her anxious face, that’s all.  He wants to let her know that he is already a lot better, that’s all.  The thought of her happy adorable expression let him heartily laugh, that’s all…..

Never thought that…..


6 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 111

    1. Translating something like this is going to be slower than a book that was written using modern vernacular. A native Mandarin speaker who sometimes helps me with phrases described the writing style of the book as being poetic. Azurro has alluded to that from time to time.

      Sometimes I think it might be fun to translate The Amnesiac Bride but the time needed aside, that book moves slower than this one. That book is by the same author and sort of hangs off The Substitute Bride.

    1. Long Mo Er met Fei Yan at the temple which triggered thoughts about her coming in between Ye Che and Fei Yan. While thinking about this, she encountered Bai Chen Yin who was dying. In saving and taking care of Bai Chen Yin, Long Mo Er comes to believe that permanently disappearing may be the best way to let Ye Che and Fei Yan be together. Long Mo Er thinks that Ye Che does not truly love her.

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