Just Another Randomness

We learn to let go of things and people that hurt us in the past and just move on. For life is all about moving on.

Am I sweat too much these days? Not really sure, perhaps due to  frustration that mixed up with my work-load daily routine and now dealing with ‘you know what I meant’. Gradually I feel so weary and exhausted although I slightly angry.

I don’t know where to start and voice it out, If I can, I want my blog to contain good and something inspire & motivate others, I don’t want to make post that give negative vibes to my readers. But the reality is far uglier and imperfect compare to fairy tale.

Again, I ask myself the main purpose I create this blog years ago, the reason of it existence. Wasn’t it because I wanted to have ‘my own space’ where I freely expressed myself, write whatever I want, share my thoughts? And then, I got introduced with C-novel world and found new enjoyment to put into my space (my blog). Beside doing translating, I enjoy reading your comments, opinions regarding the story plot and characters…..

Ah~ I think it enough for my ranting for this post.

PS: I am not going to hiatus for my translation works only cut my posting frequency.

Little present from me (here I present ANSTG chapter 333 preview ^-^

Chapter 333
Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao wedding party

At the moment she touched Madam Feng’s hand, paused for moment feeling as if the bones caught a chill.

Lifts eyes, facing with Madam Feng’s face which filled with smiling face, but somewhat why she feels Madam Feng’s smile is too fake? “Aunty, don’t you care with those gossips?”

“Of course I don’t care. I believed on you and also believed on Feng Chen Yi’s eyes, both of you must be stay together, understand?”

Haha, can this called as blessing? After all their thorny marriage has been getting Feng Chen Yi’s mother blessing! Ha…..

She is afraid to tell this such gentle mother the truth, the marriage between she and Feng Chen Yi are actually only a transaction, that’s all. “Thank you, aunty. If there is nothing else, I take my leave first.”

“En, go back.” Madam Feng is smiling when sending off Yao Yao who gets down from the car. Just at the moment when the car door closed, at sudden her facial expression changed dim: “Lao Zhang, drive!”

“Yes, Madam.”

The expensive and luxurious car starts the engine, not long after that the car arrived at Feng’s mansion.
Madam Feng is standing in front of the villa, at one glance, she has changed her expression as if feeling difficulty when coming in.



“Where is Master?”

“Replying to Madam, Master is at back yard.”


8 thoughts on “Just Another Randomness

  1. thanks for the “insert story”…^=° today is really hot here & i am really sweat too..want to drink something cool & sweet..wanna some???^{°
    Semangat azurro!!!!!

  2. Just want to say Thank You for translating this exciting book …. will be waiting for the next and many many next one ….. cia you!

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