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My Drama Watched and Listed: Chinese Republican Era Genre

republican-eraAlthough Chinese Drama setting in Republican Era not my cup of tea but it doesn’t mean I avoid to give it try because I just don’t want to miss out some goodies, really. at the most I would skip or stop to watch it if I found the dramas not good or boring me to death.

Actually there are many good Chinese Drama in Republican setting such as:

too-late-to-say-i-love-you-1Too Late To Say I love You (来不及说我爱你)
This perhaps my first republican Chinese drama which I totally immersed since it was starring my idol, Wallace Cheung. I should admit at the beginning I was super biased and I even told myself no matter how bad the story going to be, I shall embrace myself to keep watching only for Wallace Cheung. Well, this drama just shocked me because it better many times than what I thought. Not to mention this drama is adapted from same title novel [来不及说我爱你] written by Fei Wo Si Cun who fame to be called as stepmother for her works (ex: sealed with kissed)

I would not say this drama as the best republican era genre but this drama absolutely beyond my estimation. It was ending sappy but I absolutely fine with it.

cruel-romanceCruel Romance (锦绣缘·华丽冒险)
Well, What was I thinking when I decided to put this drama into my watching list? Ha~ Chen En Qiao, perhaps she was the main reason why I wanted to watch this drama. I would not make a denial if I ever thought Chen En Qiao only Vase actress but actually she is not. Perhaps the way she picking her projects and played such same role types made me grew stereotype with her acting.

Chen En Qiao have pair of big eyes and dummy expression which making her perfect to play such dolly, bit stupid and foolish characters which her acting succeed to sell cinderella dreams for each her dramas (ex: Prince who turned into frog, twins)


Snow Leopard (雪豹坚强岁月)
This drama have two version one was played by Wen Zhang (文章) as Zhou Wei Guo and the other version was played by Zhang Ruo Yun (张若昀). I did only watch the version which played by Zhang Ruo Yun, this drama referred as New Snow Leopard.
snow-leopardThis drama compare to Too Late To Say I Love You and Cruel Romance, this drama absolutely have more fighting scenes, bombing, explosion than it’s romance. The story is focusing about Zhou Wei Guo who dedicate his life to protect his country, China from Japanese invasion after he thought he lost his first love and also his fiancee during the war. The only female lead that I like from this drama only Mao Xiao Tong (毛晓彤).


Black Fox (黑狐)
You can say this drama is such identical with Snow Leopard with some changes in its plot. But still, Zhang Ruo Yun looked so great and cool in his suit LOLS


Battle of Changsha (战长沙)
How could I forget this drama since it has special place in my heart. I like the comedy taste and the amusing character played by Yang Zi as Hu Xiang Xiang and her younger twin played by Niu Jun Feng as Hu Xiang Jiang (Xiao Man). Wallace Huo cold ice character as Gu Qing Ming that always get headache because of Xiang Xiang as the troublemaker.

“There’s no labelled heroes in this drama. Everyone has imperfections and all they want is just a happy family life initially. They just did their bit for the country in the war.” Wallace Huo

Yes, there was no hero in this drama, but the imperfections of the characters make this drama lively and makes this drama better compare to others.


The Disguiser (伪装者)
I don’t have other word to describe The Disguiser other than awesome. I am so biased with Wang Kai, Jin Dong and Hu Ge. I remembered how I love Nirvana in Fire starring Hu Ge and Wang Kai, craving to see more of them acting together until I spotted The Disguiser. Fortunately, The Disguiser wasn’t boring drama set in Republican Era. Unbelievable, I even waiting for the second session if they still took the role again.


Decoded (解密)
Starring Chen Xue Dong, Ying Er, Zhang Zhe Han. This perhaps type of modern Republican drama. Decoded was bit different instead of many explosions, this drama is emphasized to Rong Jin Zhen who is math genius but looked idiot. The new China government has big expectation to Rong Jin Zhen to broke a code which called as Purple Code in order to know what the next move from X government invasion.

decoded-1Rong Jin Zhen bit dummy, scary cat facial expression

Ah~ no need to mention this one, I even made the review before.

wuxin2Wu Xin : The Monster Killer
I am bit confused to put this drama because this bit fantasy but set in Republican Era. I did the review before.

What do you think? Have you watched all or some of the dramas?


2 thoughts on “My Drama Watched and Listed: Chinese Republican Era Genre

  1. i don’t really understand with what you mean by ‘Republican era genre’ hehe, do you mean that it involves politics or such? i read the synopsis for a few dramas above but i don’t have much free time, so i just added it on my ‘what to watch next’ list and watch it if i have free time later xD
    thankyou for your recommendations ^^

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