Review: Petal Fresh Hair Rescue For Hair Loss – Ultimate Thickening Shampoo


I am type of person who like to try new things, new products and because of these I started my review journey in my blog. Even though, I am junkies to test many products especially skincare, hair product always excluded because I have very delicate hair prone to hair loss. Since It is really hard for me to get good hair product for my delicate hair so that I am so cautious whenever choosing my hair products.

Speak frankly, I have stopped to use drug store brand shampoo such as Pantene, Clear, Lifebouy, Rejoice, etc and it because my delicate hair. So for long time I used baby shampoo such as Johnson and Johnson, Cussons Baby and Zwistal. But occasionally, I would feel bit itchy to try new shampoo product but most of time, I was disappointed with the result for example: Amway.

Product Description
Restore hydration and volume in your hair with Petal Fresh® Pure HAIR RESCUE™ Ultimate Thickening Conditioner, fortified with a protein shake of B vitamins to boost volume and build more body for thicker, fuller-looking hair. Dry and damaged hair has met its match. *Paraben, sulfate, & glycol-free.

Product Promise:

  • This weightless formula renews the hair with essential oils that detoxify and calm the scalp, helping to minimize irritation, itchiness & hair loss
  • Energizes hair for more shine & volume
  • Restores keratin in the hair cortex to strengthen hair & protect against breaking + split ends
  • Helps build hair elasticity

Texture and smell
The shampoo has thick-clear gel texture and it has very fresh smell and mint sensation when apply onto scalp.

My Verdict
I like the shampoo so much despite of it’s pricey price IDR 130,000 (about $10). The cooling sensation and mint smell really reduce the oil in my hair without dry it out and also I love the fact that my hair getting strong although not in instant but slowly my hair getting better.

I will recommend this product for those who has sensitive and yet oily scalp which prone to hair loss. I will surely repurchased this shampoo after I done with my bottle.


  1. Tissa · 9 Days Ago

    Is this really effective? I’ve similar case with you. And have tried many many brand that promised to reduce hair fall… But sadly it’s always empty promise… T_T
    Recently, I’ve tried humprey hair serum. It’s good… But it’s so hard to find the original product here…
    Thanks for sharing… I would like to try this…🙂

    • azurro4cielo · 9 Days Ago

      If you asked was this product effective for me, the answer yes. I have used it for few months months now and I could see the changes, slowly.
      I would only recommend the shampoo solely without any conditioner due to my personal experience.

  2. susy · 7 Days Ago

    It’S that Amway brand? How much it is?

    • azurro4cielo · 7 Days Ago

      The petal fresh that I reviewed isn’t Amway’s product. It is Petal Fresh Botanicals.

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