China Variety Show: Ace Vs Ace Session 2 (王牌对王牌)

ace vs aceAce Versus Ace (王牌对王牌) is not a new variety show in China but, I only followed the session two because Wang Yuan is taking part as leader in that show beside Wang Zu Lan. I didn’t watch the first session except the TFBoys part. I didn’t have deep impression with Ace Versus Ace session one although Wang Zu Lan was hilarious, that’s all. The Show wasn’t enough to catch my interest. So, what the different with the second session?

As I mentioned the biggest attraction is TFBoys Wang Yuan but if the first episode of session two was not good enough then I might not keep watching it. Ace Versus Ace session two is started to air on 20 January 2017, the first episode it has Yang Mi, Zhou You Ting, etc (Eternal Love cast) and Jackie Chen (Kung Fu Yoga cast).

The show is so entertaining but at same time touching although the games are so simple and funny, it also has something valuable to share in every episodes.

I felt touch when I saw the segment when Roy Wang Yuan and Victoria Song Qian were taking part in 寻龙诀 (Taking Long Tactic) performance where two of them were doing fighting movement with additional extras to help out their performance. Check the video below:

Heh? This group of people seem to be…

At the beginning it seemed to be a simple performance in which both of Song Qian and Wang Yuan were hanging and doing fighting movement but suddenly there were many extras popping out to join. The performance was not bad and actually quite entertaining especially for whoever like martial arts. But, in the middle of the show, Jackie Chen Long noticed one of the extras who was doing performance and then it turned out to be his ‘Jackie Chan’s group [background actors] (成家班)’

And this is the video which my tears just kept on falling down.

Things that I underlined from the video:

‘Forty Years, it has been forty years, long time not seeing each other. Everyone who spoke were speaking from their bottom of heart.

‘Forty years ago they were joining me through the live and death moment, broke arms, broke legs, 5 or 6 AM entered hospital, all these things not many people knew it. Today if I get Oscar, this must be shared with them. Until today, we can still become one of named family in the world which has already 7th generation, seeing one by one getting old, actually I do also getting old too. Seeing the growth of each generations…’

‘It is not easy to come until forty years, there are many things that we cannot no need, My company ever went bankrupt,  but only Chen Family from start until now stays through the hardship and until today we have reached to the 8th generation. It has been forty years old and it really not easy.’

 Have you watched it? What do you think of the show?


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