Review : Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask

picture credit to amazon

Skin care reviewing section seems to be abandoned for sometime in XD

I just too busy with my real life’s work, my fur little friends, family and friends but somewhat I still tried to make time to read few novels, translate and also watch drama (Streaming few dramas since When a snail fall in love to Three lives three worlds – Eternal Love). Just, there suddenly no time for doing skin care review LOLS.

So, this is my first time to use scrub with sugar base. Before I purchased Tony Moly, I was searching for good scrubs that able to help me remove my blackheads in nose area which super annoying. Then, I just got recommendation from the seller plus it was sold in discount price ^w^”

My Verdict:
I have used this scrub for about four months, once every week.

The texture of this product is rough and smell so sugar, sticky and the scrub is little bit harsh for my skin. Every time, I have done using this scrub I could feel my skin brighten but it just for temporary. If I scrub my face for more than two minutes (keeps on massaging skin face), I could feel hot sensation from my skin alike sign of irritation but actually nothing happened to my face except my cheeks bit pinkish after rinse.

My first purposed to purchase this scrub to smaller my pores and get rid my blackheads in nose area. But, I don’t feel any changes except I like the clean feeling after used it.

I can’t say this product bad, it’s only not work for me. I like the sugar scrub but it too harsh for me or perhaps I just not get used with this type of product.



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