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C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 154

Anyone still reading Substitute Bride?

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Chapter 154

The Edge of Death

Faster rushed to inside the room, Ye Che directly dashed to bed direction, faster put down Long Mo Er.

Moonlight is illuminating Long Mo Er’s body that stained with fresh blood, that red color pierce onto Ye Che’s eyes and heart. this is translated by azurro for

“Doctor, where’s doctor?” Ye Che painfully turned and shouted to outside.

Seeing clearly the person who lying down in the bed is closed tight her eyes, Long Mo Er who wet by blood didn’t move at all, Lu Qun and Ye Ding glared wide eyes, shocked and completely stopped and didn’t move.

“Doctor, doctor, quickly get a doctor!” Stop to read from thief-translated by azurro

Ye Che’s sound is pulling back them, Ye Ding immediately react, rush to outside.

“I will go, immediately go.” this is translated by azurro for

Lu Qun is using her hand to cover her mouth, the big bead of tears starting to fall down. How could it be like this? Is this person still her Miss? Didn’t her Miss still alright before? Not long ago didn’t her Miss still live and lost in her deep thought? Did the person in front of her eyes still her Miss? Why she closed her eyes? Why didn’t she speak? Why did she lie down? this is posted in azurro4cielo[dot]worpress[dot]com

That red color in her waist….. that silver knife which stained by the blood….

Actually what has happened before? Why didn’t she open her mouth and speak? Why must she lie down at there?

Sitting on the bed side, Ye Che gently held Long Mo Er’s hand, trembling while feeling her coldness, slightly putting that cold hand to his lips corner that constantly trembling. this is posted in azurro4cielo[dot]worpress[dot]com

 “Mo Er, Mo Er, I’m here, you must stay strong, you must stay strong, I will keep accompanying you, I will always keep you accompany. I love you, I love you Mo Er, you must wake up, you must stay strong, you can’t leave me alone.” Ye Che not blinking his eyes staring at Long Mo Er who has lost her complexion, constantly reciting with soft voice.

“What’s matter? What is going on?” this is posted in azurro4cielo[dot]worpress[dot]com

Madam Ye and Mu Rong Ji Zi voice are gradually getting closer. Both of them haven’t walked to the room, Ye Ding and Ye Yan have already brought doctor, after Ye Yan hinted Ye Ding with his eyes, Ye Ding didn’t speak anything, pulling Madam Ye who is entered room, left Ye Yan at outside to do the explanation.

“Third Brother, Here’s the doctor, doctor comes.” Once Ye Ding entered the room he spoke.

Ye Che has heard what was said, immediately stood up, quickly walked in front of the doctor, pulling him, and then brought him to Long Mo Er in front. “Quickly, quickly help her! Faster!” Translated by azurro

The doctor is someone who has experienced in medical for long time, he often encountered this kind of situation, so that he so clams and not be afraid when facing Ye Che restless and frustration, first thing to do is to look and examine Long Mo Er situation then after found out a knife that going take her life, doctor stretched out his hand to check Long Mo Er’s eyes, observing her eyes, and then spoke: “Please Fourth Young Master ask maidservant to prepare warm water and towel, and then keeps on changing the warm water and towel.”

“I, I go.” Lu Qun answered first, after she spoke she rushed out to prepare.

“One person stays to help me in here, the other please go out.” The doctor is opened his medicine box when spoke.

“I stay.” Ye Che affirmed, the eyes that staring Long Mo Er didn’t move.

“Alright.” Ye Ding nodding, pushed back those people who are coming in, together they retreated, closed the door.


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  1. I’m still reading this!! 🙂 but i can’t read a lot of chapter cause i don’t have the password, but i’m still reading the updates of this novel i hope till the end!

  2. I still read this! I love this story and hope you continue it! Thank you so much for translating I look forward to reading future updates.

  3. Im still reading it. I want to know how would Mo Er n Ye Che solves their misunderstanding. Thanking u for soldier on with this translation. 😀

  4. i still reading this story..& i am a silent reader…good job & thanks a lot for your hardwork…^=^

  5. Thanks for the update Azurro..I’m reading this story. Poor Mo Er…she never stop making Ye Che worry.

  6. yes for sure i am still in love with the story, anxiously awaiting the next post. Thx for all your hard work. 😘

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