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My Mr. Mermaid : Epilogue 1

Feeling not enough for My Mr. Mermaid. I decided to read the novel but no plan to do the translation yet. Just planning to translate the epilogue and wanting to share more stories about Tang Yi Bai and Yun Duo. I like these characters and even like the actors and actresses more, especially Dylan Xiong Zi Qi and Seven Tang Song Yun.

For more information about this drama and novel you can check it at shushengbar. You will find all the resources you need such as the raw in Chinese, Vietnam version, the drama and audio.

Epilogue 1 Part 1


Ms. Lu wanted to bring Yun Duo to look for houses, just at this time Yun Duo found out that Tang Yi Bai has asked his mother help to look for wedding house. She felt moved, at the time she saw the house, she felt totally surprised.

“Not, not a villa!”

“En, Dou Dou has specially asked me, it must be a villa with swimming pool.” Said Ms. Lu smiled when looked at her.

“cough.” Yun Duo slightly felt shy.

This is one of high class villa, located in suburban, it closes to Tang Yi Bai’s swimming training base, and beside it also has high-way, convenient for transportation too. The owner has lost their net worth to the stock market, in order to secure, the company needs cash flow, and now had to sell the house. Because needing money, so that the price is so reasonable…. But the premise should be paid up-front.

This villa is single building with garden, the floor has two areas with nearly 500 square meters. The basement has a home theater, a swimming pool and beside it also has sauna room. The pool has long 12 meters with 3 meters wide, the design is so beautiful, it has two ovals shape (head-tail), the entire design of the pool alike small running field, the pool’s wall is blue color, imaging if it is filled with water might look alike blue sea.

Beside the swimming pool it has a stand shower, a smooth sprinkled hanging on the wall, there is no cover at surrounded.

Yun Duo saw this swimming pool is such luxurious and also beautiful, but at same time in front of her eyes everything has converted into Renminbi, she gulped down her saliva, she asked the intermediary agent beside her, “How much this house cost?”

The intermediary agent smiled, “Eighteen million.”

Yun Duo voice slightly trembling, “This, this is cost so much?”

“This is already cheap, if you are not paid the premise up-front, you take twenty million the owner also won’t sell it.”

Auntie Lu trying to pick fault, “The swimming pool is dirty, the decoration is ugly…. While the equipment must be almost ten years, right? Are these things use for the entire life? The location also not that good, it’s only the garden that looks decent, but what kind of tree planted in the garden? Jujube tree! Although Jujube is very good for blood but I still need to emphasize the Jujube tree is so ugly!…. what, giving the furniture? Who needs it, today’s everyone is using Baroque furniture, do you think that I don’t have money to buy Mahogany?”

The intermediary agent’s forehead starting to sweat, wanting to explain, but Ms. Lu  ignoring him, and even pulled Yun Duo, said: “Forget it, just see others.”

That intermediary agent mobile phone is ringing, and then walked to other side in order to pick phone call.

Yun Duo whispered to Auntie Lu, “Auntie, if you dislike this we don’t need to buy it, I also think this too expensive…”

Auntie Lu laughed, “Who said I dislike? This house is worth to buy, although in the future dislike it, slowly it still can give profit. Just think it as investment.”

Yun Duo opened mouth, “Then just now you…?”

“You silly ah, I did it in order to bargain the price.”

Yu Duo just knew that you can use such way by belittle other party in order to bargain the price, but this is her first time to see something so realistic… she thought for while, and then said, “That, Auntie, is the money enough?”

“It’s okay, Dou Dou now is a star, it is enough to mill him for few times.”

Talked to this point, Yun Duo cannot bear not to recall the situation when Tang Yi Bai returned back to China during that day in the airport. By coincided she had same flight with him, that time there were many of fans and also reporters at outside, simply to say she couldn’t bear not to flash back. There was still reporter who searching for her in the crowded, fortunately she had gotten the news before, so that she disguised herself.

Now, Tang Yi Bai popularity in China rose more than before the world championships, other than skill also the beautiful healthy image and not missing topic to be discussed…. His endorsement charges also rose day by day. When a man achieves the Dao (path), his poultry and dogs rise to heaven*(Idiom), her picture these days she has been secretly taken, while her pictures being put in gossip medias and being discussed publicly. After Yun Duo read it, she felt bit of unconfident, Tang Yi Bai hugged her and then kissed her face, took a selfie picture. On the selfie picture it was Tang Yi Bai sided-face with Yun Duo beautiful and clear face, she was such surprised that he able to take this kind of picture, faster he has already log in into his Weibo (microblog), and then used the picture posted at Weibo: My wife is the most beautiful!

After it posted, ‘Reporter Yun Duo’ this account put a comment: My husband also the most handsome! [kiss kiss]

Yun Duo is so surprised with his followers, at same time she also gets touched. She was only has bit of unconfident feeling, but he has already sensed it, moreover he used this kind of way to protect her.

This really, as long as the most-beloved person felt she is beautiful then it is good, other people’s thoughts just transient.

The following comments in two Microblogging were alike water of ‘Single-dog got 10000 points hurt.’



2 thoughts on “My Mr. Mermaid : Epilogue 1

  1. OMG An epilogue! So cuteeee. And I love his mom haha.
    I guess the author ended the story with both of them leaving the country, wish she would include some snippets on them living overseas (continuing from the drama) but this part is so cuteeee too T.T Thank you for translating this 🙂

  2. Hi! I was the same, I was left wanting more. The whole drama was just the right ammount of sweet and funny, for me.
    I was so happy when I found out there was a book, sadly not translated. But I’ll be more than happy with the epilogue and will wait patiently for the next part. Thank you!

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