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My Mr. Mermaid : Epilogue 1.2

Finally get time to do the second part translation for the first epilogue. I like the drama so much (well, I have said it for many times LOLS). I haven’t finished the novel, just read it few chapters.

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Epilogue 1 Part 2

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

 “Yun Duo, what are you thinking? Yun Duo?” Auntie Lu gently patting her for moment.

“Oh, Auntie,” Yun Duo roused herself, “I want to say, if the money not enough, I still have some amount with me…”

Ms Lu looked so happy, she stared at her with great interest, “How much do you have?”

“More than seven hundred thousand.” read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Ms Lu seemed to be surprised, “How can you have so much money? Were your father and mother giving it?”

“No, my mother and father haven’t known it, the matter Tang Yi Bai wanted to buy new wedding house, I just knew it.”

“Then, from where the money came from?”

“Buy **. When I was in England, I had seen Lottery company open a bet for Tang Yi Bai’s winning-loses with 1:35. I bet all my money about 2000 more for Tang Yi Bai’s winning, at last they gave me seven thousand pound sterling, which converted to China Renminbi to be seven hundred thousand.” Talked to this point Yun Duo not only felt slightly proud for gaining the money, but the most she felt she face palm herself.

Ms Lu felt it was something unbelievable, she silent while staring at Yun Duo, as if she wanted to see her soul through her beautiful face. Yun Duo felt bit nervous being stared like that, asked, “What’s matter? Is it because I was putting a bet in case it makes you look so unhappy?”

“No,” Ms. Lu laughed, “I feel it is something interesting. Did that time you so sure that Dou Dou would win?”

Yun Duo shook her head, “I just pissed off.” read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Because so pissed off that why she put more than 2000 pound sterling as bet for a hope? Ms Lu did not really understand this kind of way of thinking, but this time she understood that Yun Duo cares so much about Dou Dou, because this little girl is someone who normally not easily get angry.

Ms Lu said, “Money you keep it for yourself, girl should have owned saving, or you can also buy car for yourself.”

“Is it not enough? But my father and my mother have given me dowry…”

Ms Lu laughed, she patted her head, “Dowry of course should have brought at the time you come to marry in, are you this hurrying to marry in?”

Yun Duo’s face was red because said by her.

After the intermediate agent ended the phone call has come over, said to Ms. Lu, “Sis, 17.8 million it is the lowest price, this matter isn’t something that I can decide, the owner wants this price, won’t sell it if less than.”

“17.5, more than it my son also won’t buy it.” read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Both of them were so stubborn, the intermediate agent still wanted to persuade, Ms Lu waving her hand, “We see others.”

After going out, Yun Duo was bit doubted, “Then will we buy it or not?”

“Buy, but not now.”

After returned home, Ms Lu asked Father Tang to pretend to be other buyer and go to see that house, and then happily agreed to buy with 17.8 million this price to the intermediate agent, and in order to collect the money it has been dragging for few days, until the time for contract signing, Father Tang just left without news.

The house owner was needing of money, the buyer who could take out this amount of money was not many, the hopes that has been waiting finally went away, seeing the company almost stopping to operate, finally he asked the intermediate agent to return and ask Ms. Lu.

After all Ms. Lu still said, “17.5 million, more than it my son won’t buy it.”

This time the intermediate agent agreed. read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com


The ownership of the house soon is transferred. The previous owner has been always living in this house, the furniture still available, the place that needed to be fixed not many. Ms. Lu intention was, followed what the youngsters wanted to do, so later would consider whether to replace or purchase new furniture.

Towards that two Jujube Trees, no matter how Ms Lu looked at it, such irritating her, thus cut it, and then besides planting roses. And then done the cleaning, while the swimming pool has been long time not use, this is the most important place to clean, the circulation purification equipment stills all right, no need to change at all.

After the house renovated, Ms Lu asked Yun Duo to bring Tang Yi Bai to see the house.

Tang Yi Bai asked half day leave, Yun Duo was driving Ms Lu’s car and went to pick him in the training base. In front of the door there were many reporters, sneaking, once Tang Yi Bai going out they were alike crazy blocking the door.

Wanting to date with his little fiancé, Tang Yi Bai extremely happy, but as soon as he approached the door, he was bit austere. read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Looked through the window, a dog was staring at him with affectionate look.

Tang Er Bai: “………..”

Tang Yi Bai : “……….”

Then he only took a seat at the back.

In gossip reporters’ eyes, this simple displacement, absolutely has deep meaning, the reporters taking picture while drafting in heart: Tang Yi Bai relationship with his fiancé are torn, even not willingly to sit down beside Yun Yun.

After locked the door, Tang Yi Bai stretching his arms, gently rubbing Yun Duo’s head, asked: “Why you bring it coming here?”

“It does not want to stay alone at home, keeps on following me.” Actually the important point was because Er Bai this dummy dog, although it’s dumb, but really cute, moreover Yun Duo is soft heart person, once he acting cute, she just bringing him along with her. read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

 A perfect date squeezing with  a dog, this really frustrated Tang Yi Bai for bit, slightly unwilling but still stroking her head. He bent a bit his body, sticking out his head in the middle of the two front seats, then Yun Duo tilted her head for while to give him a kiss.

The car was moving smoothly in the highway, not long after that, they have arrived at the location. Er Bai saw the garden, very excited, Yun Duo was bringing him to walk one round to the flat ground, in there he left his ‘souvenir’.

Then,Yun Duo bringing Tang Yi Bai to see inside the house. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, studyroom, child’s room… take a tour, Yun Duo said: “Now all of this furniture hasn’t touched, Auntie said, we will change it if you find something that you dislike.”

“Still alright, what ever you like to change, I will like it too.”

Suddenly Yun Duo’s eyes flashed, she pretended to say, “I like lace, our bedroom put lace, is it okay?”

Tang Yi Ba’s blacken, he rubbed his arms showing he got goosebumps, “We… can bit modest.”

Yun Duo hehehe smiled while bringing Tang Er Bai to go downstairs.

Arrived at the basement, seeing the home theater, they also came to the pool side. The swimming pool really so clean, Yun Duo knew that he bought house because its swimming pool, perhaps he going to try swimming for while, so that she such considerate to fill it water. Just as expected, Tang Yi Bai was standing in the bright pool, looking at the clear blue swimming pool, he started by slowly taking off his clothes. Continuing by taking off until left his swimming trunk.

Yun Duo held Er Bai standing at his back, his body no matter how many times she has seen it, never she felt enough. She couldn’t help herself to think, wandering in his body at the time when the touching…. Stop stop stop, at this time shouldn’t think this kind of thing! read this [at] azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Tang Yi Bai raised his hand, both of his hands stacked together, gently jumping to the pool, alike slender silvery white fish entering the water, creating a small waves.

And then, following Er Bai barking to the swimming pool wildly, Yun Duo thought he might be frightened, so that she bent down and then stroking his head, no one knew at this time it seized a chance to free from her, and then jumping to the water. this is translated by azurro for azurro4ceilo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Yun Duo was bit curious, Er Bai hates water the most, usually when it taking bath it always extremely unhappy, now why suddenly it jumping down? Could it be scared to the point be dummy?

Tang Yi Bai also felt strangely, stopped for while and then turned to see it.

Er Bai soon has been beside him, bite his arm and trying to pull back.

Suddenly Yun Duo realized, “It thought you are drowning, so that jumped down to rescue you!”

Tang Yi Bai cried-laugh, also felt moved. He always thought that Er Bai hates him, never thought in the critical situation he still willingly to save him. But now he still unwillingly to pull back by it, so that he took an initiative, grabbing Er Bai and then let it swimming one round, also showing its brother will not drown.

Er Bai climbing to the shore, it showed a feeling as if ‘be deceived by world’ that kind of loss.

If you are not reading it from azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot] then this translation has been stolen.


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  1. I just subscribed to your page just because of your translation for this novel, so please translate it. I have been looking for translation to this novel since the drama came out.

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