Korea and Japan, How They Influence Me

It not a secret how I like Korea and Japan. I like Japan since I was young. I grew up by reading manga, trying to draw manga and watching anime. When I was about 5-7 years old, I fond of Sailor Moon and when I grew bigger I watched Captain Tsubasa and as I am at this age I still like reading manga.

My best ever anime and manga always Doraemon because it teaches so many good things, it contain morale and it is something kids really need.

As time passes, I admire Japan culture and starting to learn the language so I could get closer to it. Japan might one of the development country in Asia but they keep the tradition and the culture very well. The Japanese still wearing the Kimono even only for festival or events but at least they still have. The manner also something get thumbs up.

About Korea
Honest word, I was influenced by the Korean Wave. at the beginning, I didn’t like Korean language because it sound alike Hakka dialect and kind harsh for my ears. but as time passes, when those idols from Korea came to Indonesia market. everywhere I heard Korean song and of course the dramas.

First time that catch  my interest wasn’t really the Idols but the Hanbok. I like those “Traditional” clothes. then when Super Junior make their tour concert in singapore, well that the first time I really paid attention to Korean Showbiz.

I started learning Japanese earlier than Korean but today I am still beginner for those languages.

In My place there is no such good place to study either Japanese or Korean. what I can do just self study. that’s why I need friends or comrade to help me improving The Japanese and Korean.

Beside place to study, the resource for study the languages kinda difficult, I mean such as text book or where should start from. For me, I started to learn the alphabets, Hangul (Korean) and Hiragana/Katagana/Kanji (Japanese). If others confused about Kanji, I was in opposite. I better with kanji because the characters are so similar to Chinese characters. Again thanks to internet, ten years ago, I was like flinstone because no Internet and I just Kid during that time. Computer was very expensive things and not lot people sell it. As I remembered, my first computer was windows 98 which really cool that time ( I was still in middle or junior school), internet, ckckckckckck. I didn’t have the Line because it very very very extremely expensive. so My parent didn’t allow me to have.

Talking about the influence of Korea and Japan…
My fashion style is one of the “real” thing could be seen. I like the freedom of Japanese Teenager style, the Harajuku and Shibuya style. they could dress in extreme but also very kawaii.
While the Korean much casual but chick.
Then when it comes to me, it becomes very strange, ahahahahaahaha

The make up style also very different. I ever be fan of Gyaru and Lolita style but now I prefer the natural style from Korea.

About Manner…
Clearly things that I really change is bowing, bend 90 degree when see older people than me. it may because the dramas and doramas which I watched. In Indonesia, bowing is not necessary to show respect only handshake (very westerner, XD ) from fooling around then become habit.

About Languages
This could say as Dramas and Doramas effect…
Sometimes unconsciously, I could reply using Korean or Japanese. such as friend asked me, do you hungry? I would say, “ne, Bae go pa yo. or in another time when I get home, I said ” Taidama.” or when I start to eat “Itadakimasu”
It starting for making fooling but slowly I really grew interest on it.



3 thoughts on “Korea and Japan, How They Influence Me

  1. oh no wonder your posts haven’t been showing up on my newsfeed, I somehow have unfollowed you >.> *face palm*

    Did you know Japanese female still wear kimono’s to their graduations?

      1. yes kimono’s are very expensive when I was in Japan for exchanged I wanted to get one but my Japanese told me if I wanted a good quality hand made one it was super pricey

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