J-Drama : Itazura Na Kiss – Love In Okinawa (Movie)

TwImg-20140912-065158I have waiting the sequel since last year when I finished watching the first one. Because of Itazura na kiss love in Tokyo, I grew interest on Yuki Furukawa and Miki.

So, Itazura na kiss love in Okinawa is the beginning episode of the sequel. They made it so short, talking about Naoki and Kotoko Honey moon in Okinawa. Instead of making into chapters, they separated the honey moon part as movie before the real sequel airing on this 21 september (if I not mistaken).

I really can’t wait to watch the full drama and wonder the differences with the Taiwanese and the Korean.

My opinion and short review :
I kind surprised when watching. I saw Kotoko looks so mature (so ahjumma) not the elegant mature. but I hope she will looks better in the drama.
Yuki still so “cold” but I like the way he stroke Kotoko face when she was passed-out because drunk. He looks so warm and loving his wife.
TwImg-20140914-094434He even said ” Honey” to Kotoko and she, even in unconscious state still said : “Irie, I love you so much.”
Sometimes I wonder, does girl like kotoko really exist? She just loves Irie Naoki with all she has (her heart and she very devoted)

TwImg-20140914-094551Both of them really looks so sweet. I don’t even think both of Yuki Furukawa and Miki really have 10 years old gap.


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