What’s Up : Coming Soon Dramas

I think on the end of this month and the beginning of october, I will be spoiled with the long-awaited dramas.
For C-drama : We gonna have Da Mo Yao AKA The Song Of Dessert AKA The Legend of The Moon and Stars, ah- whatever the title lah… we all know it is Da Mo Yao written by Tong Hua.

I have quite high expectation for the drama since they cast Liu Shi Shi (one of my fav actress) and Hu Ge (the most well-known for ancient drama, actor). I just reluctant to mention Eddie Peng since I never get interested on him. I don’t really watch drama where he was. when I heard Eddie cast as General Huo, I did hard to imagine because from the beginning read the novel translated by Ms Koala, I did thought someone different, Eddie never cross on my mind.
The Korean currently airing, The Spring day of my life. interest because one of the girls generation member cast as lead. then the three musketeer also allure me because the male casts.

The next drama is J-dorama : Itazura na kiss love beginning in Tokyo, the sequel.
I tend have “trauma” when dramas came to the sequel. to be honest, I always find the first drama better than the sequel, such as Bu Bu Jing Xin, The palace, etc. but I do really hope the Japanese one will be surpass the Taiwanese.

The next Taiwanese drama : Lego and Chris who still don’t know yet the female lead. The drama seems to be replace puff and Jasper in xi huan yi ge ren. I lost interest on the Friday night drama slot of SETTV. Now, I just waiting for the up coming dramas.

Another “drama” that I followed was Indonesian Politic atmosphere. It becomes hot topic day to day in Indonesian news Channel (TVone and Metro TV). From the president elections to the DPR members (People’s representative council) dilemma about choosing (election) the governmental bureaucracy such as deputies, governors, Mayors, etc for every provinces in Indonesia.


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