C-drama : First Impression Watching Dessert of Ballad

Who Excited just alike me, watching 风中奇缘 AkA Da Mo Yao AKA Ballad of Desert

Long awaited C-drama finally airing.
I think it has been two years ago when netizen talking and buzzing about DMY novel written by Tong Hua would be adapted to drama. News just news, in the blink of eyes more than two years finally it airing.

My love for Tong Hua writing grew from the first time I watched Bu Bu Jing Xin and wondering who wrote that kind of sweet-heart breaking story but gave me full of satisfaction of the ending. searching here and there finally got the link of the novel and started to read it.

My many thanks to Ms koala who translate the novel, Da Mo Yao even the sequel Yun zhong Ge and Lost you forever (still on process translate by ms koala) makes me like Tong Hua more and more.

At the beginning I could not give high expectation for the novel adaptation because I worried the screen-writer would ruin the novel plot. Knowing Eddie will play as General Huo Qu Bing (AKA Wei Wu Ji on drama), I doubted for while. Happy to know Huge and Liu Shi Shi joining the cast.

My worries fade away after watching first two episodes. I like the drama because it really so close with the novel plot from the beginning. Liu Shi Shi as Xin Yue gives me fresh vibe and the way she portray Xin Yue just reminded me with Ruo Xi but very naughty, braver, bratty, wild and cheerful Ruo Xi.

Hu Ge still great actor and “king of ancient drama” for me. most of his dramas I watched was about ancient or dynasty while his role in modern drama not really appealing for me XD XD XD

Eddie Peng as General Wei Wu Ji turned be perfectly fit. Never thought Eddie Jaw line kind long which similar to Gu Dai Ren (sorry for Eddie and fans), ahahahahaha
When I read the novel, Huo Qu Bing (Wei Wu Ji) should be very arrogant general but when watching the first episode, I think Eddie boyish and mischievous smile might be something fresh without leaving the arrogant expression. I wish Eddie Peng won’t give any poker face just like nicky wu as 4th prince in BBJX.


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