SCARCITY : Water and Electricity Supply

This is so ironic for my country which surrounded by oceans. We are facing scarcity of Water and electricity supply which is not new issue since years ago but for the past days, it become worsen.

My city is one of the five biggest modern and well development city in Indonesia but this modern city is lacking water and electricity supplies. Every day the PLN (State Electricity Company) cut down the supply of electricity for 3 hours (minimum) and 7 hours (to the max). Everyday there will be houses burn because the short-circuit and many electronics stuffs damage.

While the People’s Representative Council in Jakarta are fighting for power instead of thinking the welfare of the citizenship.(Check the Indonesia politic atmosphere for these past days and you will know what I am talking.) Making useless policy such as UU pilkada (an article regarding the election rules in Indonesia)

After lacking of electricity, water also seems stop running in my faucet. It means no water running to houses even using water pump. It feel like living in desert where water is hard to find. Who should be blame for such situation and condition? The government?

I won’t blaming but I hope the province government and the central government in Jakarta give us REAL solution instead of promising or talk but no action. Personally, I tired with the drama played by the government.

Others than water and electricity supplies, recently the forest was burned by the irresponsible people and institution which causes many smoke and respiratory health. I really up set with those short-minded and stupid to the brainless people who flame up the forest and damage and pollute the ecosystem.

When I was small, My grand parents told me that long time ago when they were young, the river is still clear and many fishes to catch but today nothing remains.

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